Archives for August 25, 2019

Vehicle Repairs

Vehicle repairs can be costly and a tow can easily add hundreds of dollars to the tab. Red Hawk does allow minor repairs to be made in your driveway for this reason. Grease and oil stains must be immediately removed. Stains to the driveway will result in a costly cleaning bill. Unattended vehicles left on jacks will not be tolerated. If you must leave the vehicle, tires should be reinstalled and jack removed. Just one unattended vehicle will make the whole neighborhood look trashy, not to mention the danger it creates. Cooperation is appreciated. Please call the office if you have questions or need to discuss your situation.

Yard of the Month Award

Congratulations to the Loyd Family – Halloween Yard of the Month Winner ! We thank you for the exceptional effort you made to keep your yard looking so nice!

One more yard of the month will be awarded for September – are you ready?

We have added a Halloween Yard of the month to the program this year. Spooks, goblins, black cats and pumpkins are all in order. Lights and animation are a plus. Judging will take place during the 3rd week of October.

The last yard of the month award will be for Christmas. Theme, creativity and originality in ornamental lighting and decorations will be considered, as will daylight and evening display. Judging will take place during the 2nd week of December.

Trash Policy

Trash should be placed in the toter provided and place at the curb on Sunday evening after 6 PM. Toters should be removed from the curb line by the evening of pick up.

2019 Schedule

Trash service will be interrupted on the following holidays:

  • New Year’s Day – January 1: Tuesday – Friday pickups delayed one day
  • Memorial Day – May – 27: All pickups delayed one day
  • Independence Day – July 4: Thursday-Friday delayed one day
  • Labor Day – September 2: All pickups delayed one day
  • Thanksgiving Day – November 28: Thursday – Friday delayed one day
  • Christmas Day – December 25: Wednesday – Friday pickups delayed one day

If these holidays fall ON or BEFORE your regular pickup day, your trash will be picked up one day later that week. If the holiday falls on the weekend, all pickups will run on schedule. No delays will occur that week. We suggest you mark these days on your calendar so you will know ahead of time whether or not we observe a certain holiday.

Items not placed in Toter will not be removed unless you have made arrangements directly with the Trash Company. Bulk pick up is resident responsibility – call 636-398-8060. For more information visit the hauler’s website: