Trash Pick Up Reminder

The trash hauler will only pick up what is in a toter or can. If extra pick up is required, it is the responsibility of the resident to contact the hauler directly to make arrangements. You will find the phone number on your provided container. If items remain at the curb more than 24 hours, management will have them removed at the expense of the resident.

Holiday Pick Up Schedule

  • New Year’s Day – January 1: Wednesday – Friday pickups delayed one day
  • Memorial Day – May 25: All pickups delayed one day
  • Independence Day – July 4: NO DELAYS
  • Labor Day – September 7: All pickups delayed one day
  • Thanksgiving Day – November 26: Thursday – Friday pickups delayed one day
  • Christmas Day – December 25: Friday pickups delayed one day

Yard of the Month Award

Congratulations to our newest neighbors at 128 Autumn Hills Drive! They were the winners of the 2019 Christmas Decoration Yard of the Month. Stop by to check out the light display after dark!

The Yard of the Month Contest will resume next May.

Congratulations to the Loyd Family – Halloween Yard of the Month Winner ! We thank you for the exceptional effort you made to keep your yard looking so nice!

One more yard of the month will be awarded for September – are you ready?

We have added a Halloween Yard of the month to the program this year. Spooks, goblins, black cats and pumpkins are all in order. Lights and animation are a plus. Judging will take place during the 3rd week of October.

The last yard of the month award will be for Christmas. Theme, creativity and originality in ornamental lighting and decorations will be considered, as will daylight and evening display. Judging will take place during the 2nd week of December.

Trash Policy

Trash should be placed in the toter provided and place at the curb on Sunday evening after 6 PM. Toters should be removed from the curb line by the evening of pick up.

2020 Schedule

Place Container At Curb Sunday Evening

Holiday Schedule

  • New Year’s Day – January 1: Tuesday – Friday pickups delayed one day
  • Memorial Day – May – 25: All pickups delayed one day
  • Independence Day – July 4: Thursday-Friday delayed one day
  • Labor Day – September 7: All pickups delayed one day
  • Thanksgiving Day – November 26: Thursday – Friday delayed one day
  • Christmas Day – December 25: Wednesday – Friday pickups delayed one day

If these holidays fall ON or BEFORE your regular pickup day, your trash will be picked up one day later that week. If the holiday falls on the weekend, all pickups will run on schedule. No delays will occur that week. We suggest you mark these days on your calendar so you will know ahead of time whether or not we observe a certain holiday.

Items not placed in Toter will not be removed unless you have made arrangements directly with the Trash Company. Bulk pick up is resident responsibility – call 636-398-8060. For more information visit the hauler’s website:

Items left at the curb for pick up more than 24 hours is not allowed. Trash, debris and or bulk items left at the curb more than 24 hours will be removed by management at tenant expense.

Pet Policy

No pet is allowed, even temporarily, anywhere in the Home or Community without Landlord’s prior written authorization or as evidenced herein. The following breeds of dog are not allowed on the premises: “Pit Bull Terriers, Staffordshire Terriers, American Bulls, Rottweilers, Presa Canarios, Chows, Doberman Pinschers, Cane Corsos or any hybrid or mixed breed of one of the aforementioned breeds.

Visiting pets are not permitted; a $50.00 penalty shall be levied against the tenant in violation and the pet may not return to the community unless it is properly registered. Tenant must advise guests of this policy so that Guests can make other arrangements prior to their visit. Unauthorized animals or strays MAY NOT be kept or fed from the  Home or any part of the Community. Tenant shall notify Landlord immediately of any stray animal seen in the Community.

Before considering a pet, please contact the office – Fees apply.

Guests / Additional Occupant Policy

All persons 18 years of age or older staying in a home more than 7 calendar days must be approved  in writing by management. A calendar day is defined as 6 or more hours in a 24 hour period.

Applicants must undergo a criminal background check and meet the criteria listed on the application.

Landlord has no obligation to furnish additional parking for “additional occupants”. Street Parking is NOT allowed.

“Additional Occupant Applications” are available at the office – Fee is $25.00

Questions or concerns, please contact the office.

636-665-5205 or

Pick Your Neighbor

Don’t forget to tell your friends and co-workers about RED HAWK ESTATES. When you refer someone to RED HAWK ESTATES,  have them list you as how they heard about us on their application and you’ll earn 1 MONTH of Free Pad Rent!  Refer as many as you want – there is no limit!

Thanks to those of you who have made your referrals!

 To qualify, you must be a resident in good standing and the applicant must list you as the source how “they heard about us” on their application. Call the office for details.

Payment is made when contract is signed.

Yard Maintenance

We realize schedules can become hectic and keeping up with your grass cutting with recent rains can be hard to do. Because of this We truly appreciate everyone who works so hard to keep their yards neatly cut and maintained.

We understand your yard may not get cut every week or even every 10 days due to a busy schedule but please keep in mind, management will cut & trim lawns longer than 6″ at tenant expense per lease contract.

Residents with a fence are required to keep both sides of your fence neatly trimmed.

Grass blown into the street, should be swept or blown to keep our street clean. We pride ourselves on keeping our neighborhood looking good.

Parking Policy

Need extra parking? We can help you and you can help us. We are happy to authorize you to use another driveway for parking – you just keep the lot neat and tidy. These spaces are also available for rent. Vehicles parked in unauthorized areas will be ticketed and towed. Call the office for more details.

All vehicles must have current license plates and must be in running order. Derelict vehicles are not allowed and will be towed. Cardboard, plastic or other material may not cover broken windows for more than 7 days.

Street parking is for guest, short term only. Be mindful not to block your neighbor’s drive or mailbox. Absolutely, no parking between an intersection and a driveway.

Street parking is limited to no more than 6 hours.

Boats and Trailers ARE NOT permitted to be stored on your lot or driveway. Please call the office for availability on the Boat / Trailer parking lot. Spaces are available on a first come first serve basis – spots are limited. The lot is available to Red Hawk Residents only.

Commercial, Over the Road Tractors, Tow Trucks and the like are not permitted to be parked on the streets – even temporarily.