Yard of the Month Christmas Decorations Winner

2017 Best Christmas Decorations Winner – 751 Aspen Drive

To view video Click on Christmas Winner 2017  link below

Christmas Winner 2017



Pet Policy

Pets (including mammals, reptiles, birds, fish, and insects) mammals must have management authorization in writing.  A non-refundable pet fee of $150.00 is required per animal for rentals of community owned homes plus a monthly fee of $25.00 per pet – 2 max. The following dog breeds are prohibited: Pit Bull Terriers, Staffordshire Terriers, Rottweilers, Presa Canarios, Chows, Doberman Pinschers, Cane Corsos.
Pets must be under control of the its owner at all times. Pets loose on any area of the property other than the lot leased by its owner is strictly prohibited.

Owners must have written authorization for any pet to be permitted on property.

Pets belonging to guests are not allowed – even temporarily.

Lease Holders are subject to a fine of $10.00 per day for any unauthorized pet.

Yard of the Month Winners

A yard of the month winner is selected each month May – August.

Winners are selected based on overall curb appearance.

August Winner

Yard of the Month Jacq



Furnace Maintenance


Don’t forget to change your filters every 30 days.  Dirty filters make your system work harder and will cause the system to fail resulting in an expensive repair. If your system has a warranty, it could be voided.  Renters are responsible for the repair costs in the event your system breaks down due to dirty filters.


All guests 18 years of age or older living on the property more than 7 calendar days must be approved  in writing by management. A calendar day is defined as 6 or more hours in a 24 hour period.

All applicants must undergo a criminal background check and meet the criteria listed on the application. Your cooperation is appreciated.

“Guest Applications” are available online or at the office – Fee is $25.00


Questions or concerns, please contact the office.

636-665-5205 or jeff@redhawkestates.com


Thanks for the Referral!

Make Money - all you have to do is mention Red Hawk Estates!

Make Money – all you have to do is mention
Red Hawk Estates!

Don’t forget to tell your friends and co-workers about RED HAWK ESTATES. When you refer someone to RED HAWK ESTATES,  have them list you as how they heard about us on their application and you’ll earn $250.00!  Refer as many as you want – there is no limit!

Thanks to those of you who have made your referrals!

 To qualify, you must be a resident in good standing and the applicant must list you as the source how “they heard about us” on their application. Call the office for details.

Payment is made when contract is signed.

Speed Limit 15 MPH

Speed Limit


The posted speed limit through the community is 15 MPH.

Lease Holders will be fined $25.00 for excessive speed.

Chronic speeders may result in lease termination.

Lease Holders are responsible for their guests – please remind them of the neighborhood speed limit.

Music that can be heard outside of any vehicle is considered a nuisance. Please be courteous to your neighbors.


Home Maintenance





Winter can be hard on everything including your homes underpinning.

Community Guidelines require all homes be maintained which includes maintaining the skirting for your home. Homes with damaged or missing panels are unsightly and should be repaired.  Failure to maintain skirting is not only a lease violation, but your failure to maintain it can result in very costly repairs to your home. Need a few panels? Call us, most of the time we have used pieces available at no charge to our residents.

We have all the parts available for purchase and we can provide installation too.


Cut Throughs

Short Cutting through lots, both vacant and occupied is not allowed. Everyone’s cooperation is appreciated and your neighbors will appreciate it.

Parking Notice

parkingParking Policy

Parking on vacant lots is not allowed unless you have written permission from the office. If you need more parking you can make arrangements to rent additional parking. Unauthorized Vehicles parked on vacant lots will be towed.

All vehicles must have up to date license plates and must be in running order. Derelict vehicles are not allowed and will be towed.

Street parking is short term only and please remember not to block your neighbor’s drive or mailbox. Absolutely, no parking between an intersection and a driveway.

Street parking is limited to no more than 6 hours – Not allowed when snow and ice is forecasted.

Boats and Trailers ARE NOT permitted to be stored on your lot. Please call the office for availability on the Boat / Trailer parking lot. Spaces are available on a first come first serve basis – spots are limited. The lot is available to Red Hawk Residents only.

Violators are subject to tow without further notice.