Community Guidelines

The following Guidelines have been established by Landlord, compliance with which is a material obligation of Tenant. Failure to comply with the Community Guidelines may, at the discretion of Landlord, be grounds for termination of this Lease.  Tenant shall comply with the “Community Guidelines” of Landlord, set forth below or posted in or about the Mobile Home Community, and agrees that he/she, his/her immediate family, visitors, invitees and other persons whom Tenant permits to be in, on or about the Mobile Home, Mobile Home Community and other areas within the community will abide by and conform to the same, and to such further Community Guidelines as may be adopted by Landlord, and posted at the Community Office.

Tenant is required to call 1-800-DIG-RITE for a utility locate PRIOR TO ANY DIGGING.     

Late Rent Payments    Rent is due on the 1st of the month and late after 5 PM on the 5th. All late rent and charges must be paid by cashier’s check, certified check or money order. After two (2) returned checks, personal checks will no longer be accepted and all monies due must be paid by cashier’s check, certified check or money order. Payments made by personal check will not be accepted, returned and subject to rent increase for late rent payment. 4 or more late payments in a 12 month period may result in a non-renewal of your contract.

Road Rules      All state regulations that apply on public streets will apply in the Mobile Home Park streets. All vehicles, including motorcycles, must be properly licensed, and all operators must be licensed as well. No one under age is allowed to operate a motor vehicle of any type on the grounds of the Mobile Home Park at any time. Unlicensed vehicles shall not be operated anywhere on the property. The maximum speed limit throughout the Mobile Home Park is 15 mph. Reckless driving, burn outs, revving motors, loud exhaust and loud stereos are not allowed. Motorcycles may be ridden from the Mobile Home to the entrance to the Community only. Basketball goals shall not be placed at the curb line.

Home / Lot Maintenance          The leased premises shall be maintained free of litter, debris and clutter.  All buildings on the leased premises including sheds and carports shall be maintained to the highest standards and be kept free of mold and mildew. Rotten wood and damaged or missing roof shingles are to be replaced immediately. Damage to the exterior of any structure shall be repaired within 60 days. Temporary repairs shall not remain in place for more than 60 days. Tarpaulins may be used on a temporary basis only as a result of storm damage – 60 days maximum.  Pest control shall be the sole responsibility of the tenant. Tenant agrees to keep grass mowed and neatly trimmed for the leased premises at all times while occupying the premises – from street to electric meter. If tenant fails to keep lawn mowed and trimmed to a height of less than 6”, Landlord shall mow and trim at tenant’s expense without notice. Charges are as follows:

Cut grass $40.00 Trim $25.00 Hand weed $50.00 per man hour billed in .25 hr. increments.

Should management be required to clean up an occupied lot, tenant shall be billed $50.00 per man hour billed in .25 hr. increments plus dump fees.

You WILL NOT receive any other notice. Charges will be added to tenant account and be due with following month rent. Past due balances are subject to late fee.

Trash   Trash is to be placed in container with a lid. All tenant trash and refuse must be placed inside the container. If tenant trash will not fit, cost to remove such refuse from the property will be borne by the tenant. Littering of the Mobile Home Park and grounds is prohibited. Tenant shall not allow trash to accumulate in or around the home – supplied trash container shall be placed at curb the evening prior to the scheduled day of pick up. Should tenant fail to keep lot free of trash, clutter and debris, Landlord or its agents shall remedy situation at the sole expense of tenant. All costs shall be borne by tenant and added to tenant account as rent increase. Containers should not be placed for pick up any earlier than 7pm the evening before scheduled pick up and removed no later than 8am the day after scheduled pick up.

Guests Tenant is responsible and liable for the conduct of family members, invitees, licensees and guests. Tenants and all guests, or other invitee’s must comply with the rules and regulations established for use of recreational and service facilities provided by Landlord. Tenant, family members, invitees, licensees and guests shall have due regard for the comfort and enjoyment of all other residents in the Mobile Home Community. Acts of these persons in violation of the Lease may be deemed by Landlord to be a breach, which may result in termination of the Lease. Any person 18 years or older staying in the home 7 or more days must submit an application with the application fee. Such person must be approved in writing by Landlord or said lease shall be subject to immediate termination for unauthorized guests. A calendar day is defined as 6 or more hours in a 24 hour period.

Plumbing         A charge will be made for unclogging plumbing equipment, in cases where malfunctions are caused by the introduction of improper objects therein, such as toys, cloth objects, grease and other foreign matter. The cost of repair or replacement of other equipment or furnishings of the Landlord will be borne by Tenant.

Home Set Up / Removal           Mobile home must be tied down and properly supported in accordance with the requirements of the State of Missouri within three (3) days of being placed on lot. Mobile Home must have electricity wired at the expense of the home owner within 48 hours of the home being set. Water service shall be initiated at the sole expense of the tenant within 48 hours of the home being set. Tenant shall be responsible for shut off valve under the home for water line leading in to the home. Circuit Breakers and water valves shall be the sole responsibility of the tenant. In the event the home is moved, the lot must be left free of all debris which includes but is not limited to all tie downs, augers, landscape timbers, concrete blocks, vapor barriers and skirting material being removed from the pad at tenant’s sole expense. In the event tenant removes previously planted shrubs, trees etc., all holes shall be filled and leveled with topsoil. Gardens installed by tenant shall be removed at the end of the lease term by tenant, ground leveled and area re-sodded. Tenant shall be responsible for all damages by mover including broken concrete and yard damage.

Mailbox / Address        Mailbox is the provided by and is the property of the landlord. Tenant agrees to be responsible for replacement and or repair of the mailbox while leasing the said premises.

Skirting           Skirting must be installed within 60 days of occupancy weather permitting and be  of vinyl material only. NO FIBERGLASS WOOD OR METAL PRODUCTS. All skirting installed must have landscape timbers or concrete under the bottom track. Timbers are to be secured to the ground with re-rods in at least two points, or more if needed, to stabilize the timber from movement. The bottom track must be secured to the timbers. Homes must have the hitches removed when the skirting is installed. This shall apply to all skirting installed after 1/1/2012. Skirting must be maintained to the highest standards at all times – damaged or missing skirting must be repaired immediately

Storage           There shall be no storage of any kind on the lawn of the mobile home site other than “Patio Furniture” with the exception of one lawn mower and bicycles that are stored neatly on the side or rear of the home. Lawn mowers may not be stored on the visible from the street side of the home. If tenant must store items outside, tenant is required to have a shed. Storage in such areas shall be your risk and Landlord shall not be responsible for any loss or damages. Storage sheds may be the commercial type or built of wood (copy of plans and material list for our files), and must be approved in writing by management along with location – Not to exceed 350 square feet. Sheds must be kept painted and in good repair. Any and all concrete pads necessary for sheds, air conditioners, etc., are at the tenant’s expense. Shed location must not in any way impede natural water flow. Tarps and metal sheds may not be used as a shelter for stored items and ARE NOT permitted.

Decks Decks larger than 10′ X 10′ must be approved in writing by Landlord and built within 60 days weather permitting. Steps and decks must be kept painted or stained and in good repair. Area under deck should be skirted to match the home or enclosed with wooden lattice. Concrete blocks will not be allowed for steps at any time.

Carports & Patios         Only carports and patio canopies of commercially manufactured material will be allowed. Aluminum commercially constructed screen rooms will be allowed. Only AFRAME roof styles are permitted effective 5/1/2013. All structures must have written Landlord approval prior to installation– Landlord’s Carport Application must be submitted prior to approval.

Fences            Four (4) foot high chain link fencing is the only fencing permitted in the community and must be approved in writing by the Landlord before construction begins. Tenant shall submit application for fencing to Landlord in writing along with specifications and details. Fencing shall not extend beyond the street side of the home or restrict natural water flow. Privacy fences are not allowed. Tenant is required to keep grass neatly cut and trimmed on both sides of the fence.

Pools   Only when tenant pays his/her own water will a pool be permitted. Water must be chemically balanced and pool maintained free of leaks. Pools not maintained will be considered a nuisance and will not be allowed. Portable pools must be taken down and stored during off season.

Water Line        Each mobile home must have an electric heat tape on water line installed at the tenant’s expense. Annual inspections are to be made by resident and are responsible for all necessary repairs. In case of non­compliance, water service will be shut off. Residents are solely responsible for water leaks, frozen pipes and clogged sewer lines. Homes are required to have outside water faucet on the home, or attached to their water line within 60 days of occupancy. Tenant shall maintain heat tape in good working order at all times at tenant’s expense. Freeze damage shall be the responsibility of the tenant. Tenant shall have heat tape installed upon the home being set.

Excessive Noise           Televisions, stereo units, radios and musical instruments are not to be played at such a volume or time that will annoy other persons in Community. Noise from televisions, stereo units, radios or musical instruments heard outside of the home and or vehicle is considered excessive and is a lease violation.

Signage / Windows      No signs, notices, or advertisements shall be attached or displayed by said Tenant on or about said premises without the written permission of the Landlord. Tenant shall replace cracked or broken window glass in the Mobile Home immediately and Tenant shall not cover any window in any manner or allows for an unkempt exterior of the premises, which, in the opinion of Landlord, detracts from the appearance of the Community. Blankets, rugs, flags etc. are not allowed for window coverings. Blinds, verticals, curtains, shutters etc must be visible from the outside and free of damage.

Snow Removal Tenant shall be responsible for snow and ice removal from driveway, sidewalk & steps to the home. Landlord does not provide snow and ice removal for the rented premises– It is agreed this is the sole responsibility of the tenant.

Trespass          Each lot within the park is considered to be absolutely private and neither adults, children nor pets have the right to trespass through or onto another lot. Shortcutting  through lots is prohibited. Vacant lots shall not be used for any reason without written permission from the landlord.

Curfew Curfew for Children under 16 years of age – DARK. Dark is defined as 30 minutes after Sunset.

Fires    Open fire pits, burning barrels and rock fire pits without lids are not allowed. Small fire pits with lids are allowed.

Exterior Alterations      Tenants shall make no alteration or addition to the exterior of the mobile home or the lot without the written permission of the Landlord.

Firearms          The discharge of any fire arm, bb gun or pellet gun is prohibited.

Parking  No trailered boats, trailers, travel trailers, large trucks (defined as having more than (4) wheels) buses, limousines or commercial vehicles will be permitted anywhere on the mobile home lot for more than 24 hours without the prior written permission of Landlord. Tow trucks, over the road trucks, delivery trucks and the like may not be parked on the street or any lot – even temporarily. Parking and/or driving on grass or the placement of any type vehicle or trailer on the grass is strictly prohibited. Parking in vacant lot driveways is not allowed unless approved by management in writing. There is to be no on-street parking except for temporary guest parking (Not to exceed 6 hours.) Such parking must be on the opposite side of mailboxes. The parking areas are for use only by properly registered, functioning tenant motor vehicles – vehicles parked on vacant lots, improperly registered and or non functioning vehicles will be towed at owner’s expense. All motorcycles and mini-bikes must be parked assigned area, and may not be placed in the Mobile Home or parked in the grass. Parking is only allowed on a paved concrete surface – rocked parking additions are not permitted.

Tenant Vehicles Automobile repairs are permitted on a very limited basis; nothing that could be considered major. No vehicle repairs requiring the cars to be on jack stands for longer than 12 hours may be made. If the vehicle is parked in a manner which is dangerous, in violation of the lease contract, unlawful or which otherwise constitutes a nuisance or inconvenience, Landlord may tow said vehicle immediately, without notice, at Tenant’s risk and expense. Tenant hereby irrevocably appoints Landlord as his/her attorney-in-fact to remove any vehicle parked in violation of this Lease and to store the vehicle at the cost and expense of Tenant, in such place or places as Landlord, in its sole discretion, may deem proper, or to dispose of the vehicle in the manner provided by applicable law. It is further agreed, Landlord has no liability resulting from the acts or omissions of the towing company. Tenant agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Landlord from claims and all costs and expenses incurred, including, but not limited to, attorney’s fees and costs resulting from the towing of motor vehicles belonging to Tenant, members of Tenant’s family, or Tenant’s agents, employees, guests or invitees, where such motor vehicles are parked in violation of this Lease.

Sub Leasing, Transfer, Assignments    Tenant shall not assign or transfer this Lease or sublet the Mobile Home or any part thereof, or permit others to occupy the Mobile Home under any circumstances without written approval from Landlord. Any approved assignment, transfer or sublease by the Landlord shall be subject to an administrative fee of $100.00 In the event of any of the above mobile home must be inspected and approved in writing by the Landlord to be allowed to remain in the community, prior to any new occupant.

Home Sale / First Right of Purchase Refusal In the event the Mobile Home Owner wishes to sell their home; Mobile Home Owner shall notify Landlord in writing of the decision to sell. Mobile Home Owner agrees to offer Landlord the opportunity to purchase the home at a price set by Mobile Home Owner and Landlord shall have 10 business days to exercise a “first right of refusal” to purchase from Mobile Home Owner. In the event the Tenant should receive an acceptable bonafide offer of less than the price offered to the Landlord, Tenant must give Landlord the opportunity to purchase said home at the reduced price and Landlord shall have at least two working days within which to meet this offer. It is further agreed that should Mobile Home Owner require assistance with the home sale, the Landlord shall have the exclusive right to act in Mobile Home Owner’s behalf as agent to sell the home for a period of ninety (90) days following Mobile Home Owner’s notice of intention to sell. Mobile Home Owner agrees to pay Landlord a fee of $750.00 to be paid by Tenant to Landlord whether or not Landlord furnished the buyer once the home sells. The fee shall apply for any sale one hundred twenty (120) days following Mobile Home Owner’s notice of intention to sell. When home is sold, it must be approved in writing by Landlord to remain on the premises.

PET POLICY  No pet is allowed, even temporarily, anywhere in the Home or Community without Landlord’s prior written authorization. Breed restrictions apply.

Guidelines are subject to change or update at any time by management.